Modifications Committee Information


The primary purpose of the Readers Branch Modifications Committee (“Committee”) is to conduct a review of all modification applications submitted by Readers Branch Owners (“Owners”) and recommend a decision on each to the Declarant.  The Declarant has the final approval authority for all modification applications.  The Committee serves at the direction and pleasure of the Board and may, from time-to-time, be tasked by the Board with specific projects intended to benefit all Owners.  Neither the Committee, nor its members, have authority to enforce the Readers Branch Declaration or Residential Design Standards nor shall they attempt to speak for the Board or the Readers Branch Homeowners’ Association (“Association”).  The Committee shall have no authority to bind the Association financially or contractually, unless authorized by the Board.  


UNDERSTAND the provisions of the Declaration of Covenants (“Covenants”) and Community Design Standards (“Standards”) of the community as they relate to exterior modifications to Owner yards and homes. 

REVIEW homeowner modification applications for architectural, landscape and other exterior modifications based on compliance with the Covenants and Standards.

RECOMMEND to the Board an action and suggested conditions, if any, for each modification application.

SERVE as a resource for Owners going through the application process, answering questions, and addressing concerns.

DEVELOP & FOSTER communication that increases the Owners’ knowledge and understanding of the Readers Branch Homeowners Association (“Association”) Covenants and Standards.

WORK in conjunction with the Community Manager to monitor the community and ensure compliance with the Covenants and Standards.

EVALUATE the Standards periodically and make recommendations to the Board for added content or changes.

APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS (can take up to 45 days, so plan accordingly)

  1. Homeowner submits complete application (one per modification) with all requirements/required attachments to Community Admininstrator - Trisha Saintelus at [email protected] by cutoff date (one week prior to Modifications Committee's monthly meeting).
  2. Modifications Committee meets to review the applications submitted by the cutoff date.  Applicants and all homeowners are invited to attend.
  3. Modifications Committee votes on recommendation to forward to Declarant for each application.
  4. Declarant reviews each application along with MC's recommendation and makes final determination.
  5. Final decision for each application is sent to Community Administrator who generates approval or denial letter to be sent to homeowner.

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