Grounds & Facilities Committee Info


The primary purpose of the Readers Branch Grounds & Facilities Committee (“Committee”) is to facilitate the two-way communication of ideas, priorities and concerns regarding the Community’s common areas and facilities through the role of liaison between the property owners of Readers Branch (“Owners”) and the Readers Branch Board of Directors (“Board”).  The Committee serves at the direction and pleasure of the Board and may, from time-to-time, be tasked with specific projects intended to benefit all Owners.  Neither the Committee, nor its members, have authority to enforce the Readers Branch Declaration or Standards nor shall they attempt to speak for the Board or the Readers Branch Homeowners’ Association (“Association”).  The Committee shall have no authority to bind the Association financially or contractually, unless authorized by the Board.  


ACT as the liaison between the Owners and the Board.

ENCOURAGE constructive participation from the Owners to communicate suggestions that will protect and enhance the common area landscaping and facilities in Readers Branch and ASSIST the Owners in presenting their ideas, priorities, and concerns to the Board in a format that provides the Board with enough information to make adequate, informed, and appropriate decisions.

DEVELOP & FOSTER communication that increases the Owners’ knowledge and understanding of the Association common area landscape management and facilities operations. 

INSPECT, on a periodic basis, the common area landscaping and facilities within the community and report routine maintenance issues to the Community Manager through the website portal.  The “facilities” include all common area fencing, trails, signs, bridges, buildings, structures and furnishings throughout the community.

REVIEW common area landscaping and facilities periodically to recommend updates, modifications or additions that will enhance their use, appearance, or longevity.

RECOMMEND additions or modifications to existing Rules & Regulations applicable to the common areas and facilities and recommend rules and regulations for new areas and facilities as they come online.

EVALUATE, at the direction of the Board, annual contracts of HOA vendors who service the common grounds and facilities and make recommendations to the Board for added content and/or changes.

COORDINATE, with approval of the Board, seasonal decorating efforts within the outdoor common areas.

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