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In addition to the governing documents for Readers Branch, many other 'outside' plans, codes and laws affect the Community and surrounding area.

Goochland County - Tuckahoe Creek Service District - Ad Valorem Tax

The TCSD is a water and sewer service district that was created in 2002 to provide water and sewer services to certain areas in the district and to provide a mechanism for payment. The TCSD is generally bounded on the east by the Henrico County line, on the north by the Hanover County line, on the west by portions of Route 623 (Hockett Road), portions of Route 676 (Hermitage Road), and portions of Route 622 (Rockville Road) and on the south by State Route 6 (Patterson Avenue). The district facilities and district services are intended to primarily benefit the landowners within the district, and as an ancillary matter, all the citizens of Goochland County. They are intended to spur business, commercial and industrial growth, and economic development within the district, increase property values for the district landowners, and protect the health and safety of the residents in the district. See links below for a map of the parcels in the TCSD and the West Creek Business Park. Please note that the West Creek Business Park is generally located within the TCSD, but the TCSD boundary is much larger and encompasses other commercial business areas as well as residential neighborhoods.
Goochland County’s Ad Valorem tax is an additional tax assessed to properties located within the Tuckahoe Creek Service District (TCSD).

Pursuant to Section 15.2-2400 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, the Goochland Board of Supervisors may impose an ad valorem special tax on the assessed values of the tax map parcels in the service district to pay the costs of the district under the plan. All taxes levied and collected are pledged to finance the costs of the TCSD. 

For more information on the TCSD & AVT - 

Goochland County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a long range plan that will help guide the physical development of the County for the next 20 years. The Code of Virginia requires localities to adopt a comprehensive plan for the physical development of jurisdictions.  A comprehensive plan provides a blueprint for the future by establishing a framework for growth and development.  The plan will provide Goochland County guidance for the formation and implementation of various tools that guide growth and development decisions. At least once every five years the comprehensive plan must be reviewed by the Planning Commission to determine whether it is advisable to amend the plan.   The comprehensive plan must be general in nature, meaning it designates the general or approximate location, character, and extent of features shown on the Future Land Use Maps or other maps or described within the text.  

Click below for more information regarding the Comprehensive Plan:

Goochland County 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Solar Energy Collection Devices

In 2021, the General Assembly approved legislation regarding solar energy collection devices in communities with HOAs.  The Code of Virginia now says that unless specifically prohibited in the Declaration, the HOA cannot turn down requests for solar installations.  The Readers Standards do state that they should be located on the rear roofline, however, the HOA cannot restrict placement on the front of the home if the certified specialist finds that to do so would increase the cost more than 5% or reduce the energy output by more than 10%.  This documentation is required as part of the application process.

The full text of the Code Section may be found here:

Code of Virginia - § 55.1-1820.1

Fair Housing Laws

The Federal and Virginia Fair Housing Statutes can affect many decisions made by the Board including ARB applications and reasonable accommodations.  The full texts of the laws may be found here:

Virginia Fair Housing Law
Federal Fair Housing Act

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